Photos from Andy Irons Final Farewell

Photos from Andy Irons memorial service where thousands turned up to say their farewells to the legendry surfer. Eeveryone in Andy’s life was there - family, childhood friends, fans, along with most of the top 44 surfers in the world came together to honor Andy.

Bruce, Danielle, Lyndie, and baby Andy Irons - With the birth of his son only weeks away, Andy’s legacy lives on.

As Andy's brother Bruce Irons stood up, the crowd erupted, splashing water in the air, cheering, and clapping. With emotion and poise, Bruce spoke to the group. “Andy loved all of you here,” he yelled. Tears streamed down everyone’s faces, as they applauded and chanted, “AI…AI…AI…” Overhead, a helicopter circled and dropped thousands of flowers over the procession. Bruce told the crowd that this is what Andy wanted, for his ashes to be spread outside of Pinetrees, and for everyone to celebrate. Choking back tears, Bruce took out the container carrying his brother’s ashes and emptied half into the water. Then, with his arm around Andy’s pregnant wife, passed the rest to her so she could bid her final farewell to her husband. With their faces in their hands, the crowd huddled tightest around the boat sobbed.

Bruce, hoisting his brother's board in the air and prompting another round of cheers
In accordance with Andy’s wishes, the crowd didn’t form a hand-in-hand circle, but instead gathered just outside the sandbar at Pinetrees and surrounded the boat carrying Bruce, his wife, and Andy’s wife, Lyndie. On Jet skis nearby were Andy’s parents, Phil and Danielle, huddled around them in the water were all of Andy’s closest friends, on nearby canoes were family members, and surrounding all of it were hundreds of other friends and members of the community.

Danielle Irons

Andy's father, Phil, and Kai Garcia

With the birth of his son only weeks away, Andy’s legacy lives on. RIP Andy.

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